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The trick is that this once we lost and we had to accept a not so favorably peace treaty to avoid total annihilation. Actually in UFO: Aftermath you had to choose whether you accept your defeat or do your best of eliminating the Reticulan's threat (and loose lamentably if you don't hold a big enough fire power). Assuming you take the alien offer and leave the beautiful blue planet to serve as a research center for the skinny big headed creatures you head on a new adventure on the orbital station Laputa in the second title of the After-series, UFO: Aftershock. But that's not all you can do. Altar Games (formerly known as Altar Interactive) convinced the Reticulans to also offer humans the help to build up a station on the harsh Martian soil. This is where a new mission begins UFO: Afterlight. There isn't a very wide variety of a building types or units, but than again there weren't in reality either. There is the Headquarters where additional engineers can be trained (you are not able to build the HQ yourself, but any building on the battlefield can be transformed into a field barracks allowing the recruitment of any of the units you have available at base). As Base Structures you have the Barracks that allows you to recruit Riflemen and Jeeps, the Weapons Support Center offering Heavy Machine 1c Accounting Software Teams, Mortar Teams and Snipers. The Motor Pool offers M3 Halftracks, M8 Armored Cars and M1 57 mm Anti-Tank Guns. The Tank Depot allows the recruitment of M10 Tank Destroyers, M4 Shermans and M4 "Crocodile" Shermans. Except for the recruiting buildings there is the Triage Center where troops can be healed and the Supply Yard. As Defensive Structures your engineers can construct Observation Posts, Machine 1c Accounting Software Emplacements, Medic Stations (that just return the casualties) and simple enemy traps like barbed wires, sand bags, tank traps and mines. One of the first things you notice is that the game does not allow you to go in Rambo style and instead forces a less frenzied attack scheme where positioning and good sniping skills are required. Most of the time you can just crouch and take the opponents one by one with carefully placed head shots instead of storming the room hoping to outperform five gunmen NPCs. Unfortunately your AI buddies are rather useless, since they can?t properly take fire in your stead, neither can they start a barrage of fire to take down targets or at least provide some shelter. As the game progresses, you?ll naturally move along with your team, but it doesn?t necessarily mean you can?t go back to

Completing stages is quite easy at first, but the challenge ramps up steadily as fruit starts to move in circular patterns and pitfalls become more prevalent. On these harder stages, it's a bit nerve-racking to hit the Go! button after drawing your line, and then watch the cart follow your path and hope it safely navigates its way through the hazards surrounding it. Considering the franchise's annual nature and the fact that last year brought such a huge overhaul to the series, it's not a surprise that WWE '13 doesn't innovate as substantially as its predecessor. It feels like the same game in many ways, but lots of subtle tweaks help make up for the shortcomings in WWE '12. The small refinements add up, particularly when rounded out by the handful of bigger additions. The stellar Attitude Era campaign alone alone is a huge draw, and if you're a longtime avid wrestling enthusiast. WWE '13 is a big step in the right direction. It's a shame better stages from the first game didn't make the cut, because 1c Accounting Software Skater HD features only seven levels in total--three fewer than THPS2 shipped with 12 years ago. It's symptomatic of a larger problem facing the game, which is a lack of content to support its solid foundation. Features from THPS2 like create-a-skater and create-a-park are missing entirely, as is local multiplayer. There is online multiplayer, but you'll only find three game modes and not a single one of them is HORSE, the classic turn-based duel of one player matching another's trick. Beyond the spells, there are assorted other elements to keep you entertained. Occasionally, you come across jottings by the mischievous, unnamed ex-owner of the book, which generally invoke amusing little curses (even Miranda Goshawk inserts one, which makes your bogeys turn into bats and fly out of your nose). Some spells come with a colorful pop-up, diorama-style cardboard theatre, in which the stories of the wizards and witches who invented them are acted out. Pulling tabs using the Move lets you change certain words of the story, and often to humorous effect. Once you open up several custom character slots, the ability to tweak your warriors for maximum killing effectiveness is a great time sink between battles. Applying perks that increase your fighting prowess in different ways is only the beginning too. You can even go as far as picking the actual materials for each weapon--right down to the wood and metal types--which subtly affects their effectiveness. The level of depth is commendable. It's also a potent lure to keep you diving back into matches to test out your new gear and earn coins to score better equipment. Players now react more smartly to events all over the ice. Teammates work into open spaces more often now, forwards cover for rushing defensemen, that sort of thing. More than ever before, you have to play real hockey here. You can't just race up the ice full speed all


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